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Thinkinghatzzz Studios collaborates with clients across branding, product photography, animations, videos edits, motion graphics, film making and illustrations.


Have you found inspiration for your illustrations?

Illustrations make any content appear more dynamic and deliver any message in a more impactful manner.

Whether the requirement is that of creating an interactive website, a personalised caricature for a wedding invite, live sketching at an event, or as simple as creating an instagram post, our team helps deliver the best solution.


Have you tried Animations?

Animations help make a video more lively and help deliver the message with a positive note.

Be it motion graphics, or the beautiful stop motions, we love to create animations that are at par with industry standards.

We, at ThinkingHatzzz Studios, believe we can help create, using the latest technology, to drive creativity and innovation that can deliver excellent animations in a reasonable timeline and cost.

Film Making​

Plan a Film for your Brand Now!

We are very passionate about helping organisations/ brands spread awareness and make a positive impact on the society. Through the visual medium of creative film making we are able to bring our clients’ ideas to the big screen and help them achieve their goals.

Video Content

Have you found inspiration for your illustrations?

Video content creation is the future of every influencer/ organisation.

We aspire to use combination of tech and design thinking to make the best video content for our clients. Videos that are not only trendy and stylish, but most importantly engage with their audiences and help spread awareness and their cause.

We help design experiences that create long lasting relationships built around trust and mutual value.


Have you captured the essence of your brand?

As a visual media team, we approach photography through a creative lens-using social media channels to ideate and unlock innovative opportunities for an out of the box execution. Whether doing a product photoshoot, working in close collaboration with other teams as part of a wider campaign, or editing images for their e-commerce website, we have always approached our projects as a canvas for creativity and look to collaborate with our clients in the best possible way.

Brand Design

Are you building trusted customer relationships that will stand the test of time?

We can help you create a brand to drive engagement and attract your target audience. In today’s day and age, popular brands engage with their target audience as much as their marketing strategies.

We help design with purpose that has a lasting impact keeping with the latest social media trends. We also help reinvent old brands to keep up with the latest trends and thrive on today’s platform.

Logo Design

Does your logo resonate with the brand?

Every successful brand has a great logo. We, help create the best logos for our clients and create value for them. Our approach has always been a human-first approach that is based on understanding our clients’ needs.

Through a combination of deep insights, experience and creative process, we help build dynamic logo that not only stands out but speaks for itself.